90 ideas for play indoors:

  1. Bake and decorate cookies
  2. Set up an indoor hop scotch grid using masking tape
  3. Play a board game
  4. Make giant new crayons out of broken old crayons
  5. How well do your children know their food: play a games where children shut their eys and you feed them mystery foods. Can they guess what they are eating??
  6. Make a greeting card for love ones
  7. Start a sing-a-long
  8. Have a DIY beauty/spa day, do each others nails and hair. Learn how to make a face mask etc
  9. Collect the toy cars and have a mini car wash in the sink
  10. Play pick up sticks
  11. Have an indoor picnic-everyone can pick out and make their own dish
  12. Make a memory game for your picnic-in my basket four our picnic I packed…. And then recite the first persons items and add a new one as you go
  13. Build a homemade telescope using a paper towel roll
  14. Set up a miniature train and village
  15. Build a skyscraper out of blocks of lego
  16. Create a touch-and -feel box by cutting a hole out of an old shoebox and filling it with different items that your child will be able to identify by touch
  17. Blow bubble that are safe for indoor use
  18. Build a pillow fort
  19. Collect family photos and make an album
  20. Set up a balance beam using masking tape on the floor
  21. Play musical cushions
  22. Get cosy with pillows and blankets and have story time
  23. Make marshmallow toys using mini-marshmallows and pretzel sticks
  24. Create your own twister game using masking tape and coloured paper
  25. Sing karaoke
  26. Sit in a circle and tell each other stories
  27. Cook a special family dinner
  28. Play hid and seek
  29. Make your own bingo cards and play bingo
  30. Set up an indoor basketball game using a bucket and a rolled up sock
  31. Have a dance party
  32. Try a concentration game by setting up a group of stuffed animals and then taking one away. Then ask your child to guess what is missing
  33. Try crab walking or wheelbarrow
  34. Play charades
  35. Try some easy children friendly yoga stretches
  36. Make sports medals and trophies
  37. Use string to play cats cradle
  38. Wash the toys
  39. Cut up magazines and newspapers and create a collage
  40. Have a pillow fight
  41. Use a broom to try out some limbo
  42. Start a piggy bank or coin collection
  43. Play go fish
  44. Dress up in old costumes or create new ones
  45. Make a cake
  46. Set up indoor bowls using empty water bottles and a tennis ball
  47. Create snow flakes out of pieces of paper
  48. Create your own lava lamp
  49. Paint indoor flower pots
  50. Paly follow the leader
  51. Play hangman
  52. Play pat a cake
  53. Find a hula hoop and see how long you can keep it going
  54. Play ‘who am I’ game
  55. Get a large piece of paper and trace one another’s bodies on the floor
  56. Build an Ocean in your bath tub and fill it with toy boats
  57. Play pin the tail on the donkey
  58. Do some silly dancing when you need to let some energy out
  59. Host your own matinee movie
  60. Play doctors and nurses
  61. Find your favourite rhyming game
  62. Place a balloon between your torsos and see how far you can walk without dropping it
  63. With the balloon play ‘keep it up’
  64. Write a story together
  65. Play musical statues
  66. Do some jumping jacks
  67. Play guess who
  68. Create your own paper beads out of magazines for a necklace or bracelet
  69. Pain pasta tubes to create your own necklace or bracelet
  70. Play I spy
  71. Set up a stage a hold your own show
  72. Create origami
  73. Build an indoor mini-gold course using plastic cups as the holes
  74. Make a musical instrument out of empty bottles and add beans or rice.
  75. Play Duck, Duck, Goose
  76. Play Simon Says
  77. Play Whats the time Mister wolf
  78. Cook breakfast in bed
  79. Make dream catchers out of paper plates and string
  80. Set up an indoor obstacle course
  81. Create an indoor treasure/scavenger hunt
  82. Read to one another
  83. Create your own puzzles
  84. Drag out the costume box and have a fashion shoot/fashion show
  85. Colour in
  86. Look up a popular children dance and follow the choreography
  87. Play hand clapping games and sing a long
  88. Play with play doh or clay
  89. Face paint

Make a hat