We have introduced this separate policy to remind staff of the measures that can be taken to reduce the risk of any allegations being made against them or another member of staff.  It also contains the procedure, which will be undertaken if an allegation is made against a member of staff

How we can protect our self:

1. If a child sustains an injury whilst in our care, we will record it in the accident book as soon as possible.  When the child is collected, we will inform whoever picks the child up about the injury and ensure that they also sign the accident book.

2. If a child arrives with an injury sustained elsewhere, we will ask for an explanation and again record this on our ‘Existing Injuries’ form and ask whoever has brought in the child to sign the record.

3. We will ensure that all staff undertakes regular child protection/sageguardingtraining.

4. We will ensure that all parents understand our role and responsibility in child protection by providing them with access to our Safeguarding Policy and procedures.

 5. Our behavioural management policy states that no physical sanctions are sues.

 6. We will try to avoid situations where an adult is left alone in a room with a child.  If this does occur, we will make sure that the door is left open and there are other people around.

 7. We will avoid engaging in rough physical play with children as this may be misconstrued and could cause accidental injury to a child.

 8. We will avoid during things of a personal nature for children that they can do for themselves. 

9. We will take up references, including one from the candidate’s last employer and will always question any gaps in employment history.

10.We will encourage an open door ethos, to enable staff to talk to senior managers if they have concerns about the conduct of any of their colleagues.  We will provide regular supervision to facilitate this.

11. No personal mobile phones allowed in the room and where children are playing during session times.  Mobile phones are to be locked away in lockers provided during session time, so that there is a safe culture maintained with staff on premises at all times.


1. If anyone makes an allegation of abuse against a member of our staff, Louise Hammond and Megan Clatworthy, our Designated safeguarding officers will be informed immediately and will contact the Local Authority Safeguarding officer: 01702 534539-They will assess whether the allegation reaches the threshold for referral to Police/Children’s Social Services and advise accordingly regarding further action to be taken in respect of the child and the member of staff.

2. Louise Hammond and Megan Clatworthy will complete the attached form for recording allegations or complaints made against a member of staff.

3. We will not discuss the allegation with the member of staff concerned, unless advised to do so by Children’s Social Services.

 4. All staff need to be aware that it is a disciplinary offence not to report concerns about the conduct of a colleague that could place a child at risk.  When in doubt – consult.

5. If Children’s Social Services and/or the police decide to carry out an investigation, it may be possible that we will be advised to suspend the member of staff, whilst enquiries are carried out.  We could also invoke our disciplinary procedure. 

6. Suspension will not be automatic but will be considered in each case to ensure the safety of both children and staff.

7. We will not carry out an investigation ourselves UNLESS Children’s Social Services and the Police decide it is not appropriate for them to do so.  We understand that Ofsted may wish to undertake further investigations.


1. Your first action, after ensuring the child is safe, is to contact the Local Authority Safeguarding Officer: 01702 534539

 2. Record the name and position of member of staff against whom the allegation or complaint has been made.

3. Verbal complaints should be backed up in writing by the complainant if appropriate; some may require immediate action that does not allow time for this to happen.

4. It is important to identify who made the complaint and whether it was received first hand or is a concern that is passed on from somebody else.  IF this is the case it is better that you receive the information first hand.  If a parent, carer or a member of staff  makes a complaint against you it must be passed immediately to your manager.

5. Record the full name, age and date of birth of the child.

6. The address recorded should be the address at which the child lives with the main carer.

7. If there are one or more alleged incidents, be specific as possible about the dates that they are alleged to have happened.

8. Check the attendance register/diary of work to see if the child was present/ seen on that day and the shift patterns of the staff member involved to see if they were working at that time.  This will confirm the likelihood of the incident having taken place.

9. If you have received the complaint in writing attach it to the checklist.  You can then summarise it on the form.

10.Any other information should be factual.  It will be helpful if you can confirm things such as the level of contact that the staff member has with the child and any other minor concerns that may have been raised previously.  Do not attempt to investigate the complaint yourself.

11.Ofsted must be informed if an allegation is made against a member of our staff, even if the Children’s Safeguards Unit decides no further action is required.  Ofsted may do their own investigation to ensure that registration requirements are being met.

12.Make a note of any actions the Children’s Safeguards Unit or Ofsted advice you to take and the date or times at which you implemented them.


Record form:

 Name and position of staff who is the subject of allegation/complaint     
Is the complaint WRITTEN/VERBAL? (Delete as necessary)   
Complaint made by     
Relationship to child     
Name of child     
Age and date of birth of child     
Parent’s/carers name(s) and address     
Date of alleged incident/s     
Did the child attend this/these date/s YES/NO (Delete as necessary)     
Nature of complaint (if received in writing see guidance)         
Other relevant information (continue on a separate sheet if needed)         
Local Authority safeguarding officer contacted YES/NO (time and date)     
Ofsted contacted (time and date)       
Further actions advised Area Children’s Officer or Children’s Social Services (continue on a separate sheet as necessary)       
Your name and position:   
Today’s date and time