At Blossoming Buddies we wanted to offer something a little extra, we understand how it can be hard with busy lives to fit in all the classes and clubs you and your little ones want to attend therefore we decided to bring them to our setting. The amazing Talking Tots do a class with us every Tuesday. Talking Tots is based on the simple idea that children who can communicate clearly and confidently have a huge head start when it comes to learning, making friends and expressing themselves. They understand that children learn best through play, so they have created a programme that combines games, songs, rhymes and fun activities to gently boost children’s communication and social skills.


On occasion on Fridays (weather permitting) and with parental permission we will take the children out to the local beach, library and parks.

The benefits of outings are endless. Being outside allows children to express themselves freely where there are not any space constraints meaning children can jump, shout and explore to their hearts content. The sense of freedom that playing outdoors brings is fantastic for a child’s development, both physically and mentally. Children who learn to play outdoors are much more likely to continue to enjoy outdoor activities such as walking, running and cycling as they get older. Learning in an outdoor environment allows children to interact with the elements around us and helps them to gain an understanding of the world we live in. They can experience animals in their own surroundings and learn about their habitats and lifecycles. Giving children outdoor learning experiences offers them a chance to talk about what they have done with their friends, teachers and parents. The extra space offered by being outdoors will give children the sense of freedom to make discoveries by themselves. They’ll begin to understand what they can do by themselves and develop a ‘can do‘ attitude, which will act as a solid foundation for future learning. Being outdoors provides children with more opportunities to experience risk-taking. They have the chance to take part in tasks on a much bigger scale. They can learn to make calculated decisions such as ‘should I jump off this log?’.