We meet our legal requirements for the health and safety of all adults and children byfollowing the RIDDOR guidelines and reporting any incidents and dangerous occurrences to the HSE (and any other appropriate professional bodies).


An incident may be an event that causes injury or fatalities or an event that does not cause injury but could have done so, such as a gas leak.  Any dangerous occurrence is recorded in our incident form.

  1. We have ready access to telephone numbers for emergency services should an incident occur. For areas of the premises we are responsible for, we have contact numbers for suitable services such as gas and electric emergency services. 

Fire/ambulance/police: 999

Gas: British Gas 0800 111 999

Electric: 105

  • On discovery of an incident, we report it to the appropriate emergency services – fire, police, and ambulance – if those services are needed.
  • If an incident occurs before any children arrive, we risk assess this situation and decide if the premises are safe to receive children. We may decide to offer a limited service or to close the setting.
  • Where an incident occurs whilst the children are in our care and it is necessary to evacuate the premises, we follow the procedures in our Emergency Evacuation Procedure.
  • If a crime may have been committed, we ask all adults who witness the incident to make a witness statement including the date and time of the incident, what they saw or heard, what they did about it and their full name and signature.

In the Incident Book the following information is recorded:

  • the date and time of the incident
  • the nature of the event
  • who was affected
  • how it was dealt with
  • If the incident is reported to the police, make a note of the crime reference number.
  • Any follow up or insurance claim made is also recorded.


  1. Break in, burglary, theft of personal or setting property

In the event of finding there has been a break in, burglary or theft at the setting I will inform the police. I will make decisions on the advice of the police about the opening or closure of the setting and will follow any procedures set out by the police. 

  • Intruder gaining unauthorised access to the premises or grounds
  • If someone is acting suspiciously on premises,  All children should be brought inside the setting and with all doors being hooked shut.
  • If the person appears to be a threat to the staff or children, all doors should be locked with keys, windows shut and the blinds pulled down. 
  • Children must be kept calm and where possible, must not be made aware of the situation.  Staff must act calmly and discreetly.
  • The police will be contacted and there advice taken before any children or staff are released from the building.
  • Parents will be informed
  • Fire:  In the event of discovering a fire, the fire evacuation procedure should be followed.
  • Gas Leak:
  • If a gas leak is suspected, this must be immediately reported to manager who will call the national emergency number 0800 111 999.
  •  All children, staff and other adults should immediately leave the building and remain in the outdoor area until the building is declared safe by the gas distributor.
  • All doors and windows should be opened.
  • Electrical switches should not be turned on or off – including light switches and door bells.
  • Make sure that the gas supply to an appliance has not been left on or that the pilot light on the boiler has not gone out.
  • Turn off the gas supply at the meter if you know how to.
  • Electrical failure:
  • To be reported to the manager who will contact the electricity distributor to inform them of the failure and find out when the supply can be restored.
  •  The manager will decide whether the setting can remain open without an electricity supply.
  •  Attack on an adult or child on our premises:
  • This must be immediately reported to the manager who will call the police
  • ensure any first aid is provided and contact the emergency medical services.
  • The safety of the children, staff and other adults must be secured.
  • Children should be appropriately looked after, moved to a safe part of the building and kept calm. If necessary, parents should be called in to take their children home early.
  • Any racist incident involving staff or child/family on the premises

A racist incident is any incident which is perceived to be racist by the victim or any other person.

  • If such an incident occurs, this must be immediately reported to the manager who will call the police and follow their advice as appropriate.
  • Death of a child or adult on the premises

In the event of a death at the setting the manager will ensure that the following steps are taken:

  • The police are immediately informed
  • The parent is informed
  • The other children at the setting are appropriately looked after and kept calm
  • Parents will be called to collect children as soon as possible
  • Additional staff will be called in to help look after the children if necessary
  • Ofsted, Local Authority and Health and Safety Executive will be informed.
  • A terrorist attack or the threat of one

If information is received about the threat of a terrorist attack in the vicinity of the setting the manager will call the police and advise the procedures to follow based on advice given to them from the police.

8) A notifiable disease or illness, or an outbreak of food poisoning affecting two or more children looked after on our premises

  • These occurrences are to be recorded in the Incident Book.
  • Sickness register filled in
  • Illness record completed
  • Relevant bodies notified