All our staff have a passion for developing the highest quality experiences for your children to help them grow in confidence and self-directed learning. Our staff offer appropriate stimulation and support each individual child attending the setting through play and planned activities. All our staff are highly qualified and a valued member of the team.

Megan – Owner and Manager

Louise – Owner and Manager 

Key Worker

At Blossoming Buddies your child will have a key member of staff. The Early Years Foundation Stage framework (2021) sates that each child must be assigned a key person. The Key person will help to ensure that every child’s learning and care is tailored to meet his/her needs. To do so the key worker will seek to engage and support parents/carers in guiding their child’s development and if appropriate help families to engage with more specialist support.

In our setting the Key person is responsible for:

  • The routine daily hands on care
  • Encouraging a wide range of play activities tailored to the child individual needs
  • Sharing their keys children/s progress and assessment with parents and other professionals as required.
  • Observational records of their key children, using these to inform next steps and individualised planning.
  • The welfare of the children in their care, monitoring patterns of absence, injury and development and if necessary, referring them on. 
  • Helping the child become familiar with the setting and to feel confident and safe within it
  • Developing a bond with the child and offering a settled close relationship
  • The Key worker is available and accessible as a point of contact for parents.
  • Working in partnership with the parents/carers to help support the child’s development, learning and emotions, share what the child enjoys and what their strengths and addressing the child’s difficulties if present.