We recognise the importance of trips and outings for children in providing new and enhanced experiences which embrace the EYFS. While undertaking trips and outings we recognise the need for safety at all times.

It is the policy of the setting to ensure that:

  • Equal opportunities exist for all children i.e. that children with disabilities and cultural requirements etc are included.
  • A first aider will be in attendance that has a current paediatric first aid certificate.
  • A written risk assessment will be conducted prior to the outing and all staff will be made aware of this.
  • That no child will ever be left unattended in a vehicle.
  • That safety is maintained whilst children board or exit vehicles or whilst walking.
  • There is access to a mobile phone by the whole group and by individual group leaders.
  • Adult/child ratios are adhered to
  • Essential records are carried at all times i.e. registration documents, medical forms and emergency contact details.

At all times the following procedures will be carried out:

  • A written risk assessment of the venue prior to the visit to assess any potential risks both en-route and at the venue.
  • Full details of the outing will be given to all parents.
  • Written parental permission will be obtained.
  • Telephone contact details for each child will be provided to each group leader.

Transport checks will be undertaken:

  • Insurance will be checked on private hire vehicles/coaches or staff members that are providing transport
  • Records of vehicles and drivers including licenses and MOT certificates are acquired. Checks to ensure that contracted drivers or escorts are registered with the ISA and are CRB cleared. (This is the responsibility of the contracted person’s organisation).
  • Harnesses, seat belts, booster seats and airbags are fitted where needed.
  • Maximum seating will not be exceeded.
  • An emergency meeting point will be established and made known to everyone on arrival.

Essential equipment will be taken and should include:

  • First aid kit.
  • Mobile Phone per group leader.
  • Copy of risk assessment.
  • Any relevant polices to be referred to.
  • Medication (if applicable).
  • Spare clothing.
  • Plastic bags.
  • Paper towels/wet wipes
  • Register
  • Emergency contact details including at least 2 different people must be provided-These numbers must be of people who will definitely be contactable on the day.
  • Essential records including list of children with known allergies.
  • ·       Accident/incident log.